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Chloe, the 1-year old terrier-poodle mix who was discovered by rescuers in a downtown Long Beach Dumpster, was officially discharged from Long Beach Animal Emergency on Tuesday! Chloe will spend the next few months in foster care while she undergoes physical rehabilitation and will then find a loving forever home.

We’re thrilled with the success of the surgery and Chloe’s recovery thus far. She will require extensive rehab and healing before she can return to full-activity but continues to eat amazingly well and is gaining weight,” said Thomas Babcock, DVM, hospital administrator at Long Beach Animal Emergency. “The outpouring of support for Chloe as she’s gone through recovery is truly remarkable. Because of the dedicated efforts of her rescuers and the help of the community, Chloe has a happy life ahead of her.”

Check out Dr. Babcock’s recent interview with Fox 11 for more info on the care Chloe received while at Long Beach Animal Emergency.