Pet Surgery in Long Beach, CA

It’s very likely that your pet will need some type of surgery in their lifetime. Whether it’s a minor elective procedure like spaying or neutering or a more complicated type of surgery to treat a serious injury or illness, it’s important to have a veterinary hospital and surgical team nearby that is equipped, qualified, and experienced in performing pet surgery when it’s needed. Our new surgical department at Long Beach Animal Emergency has a modern operating facility on site along with a diagnostic laboratory. If your pet needs surgical services in Long Beach, CA, you can rest assured they’ll receive the best of care at our hospital.

The Surgical Procedure

If your pet is diagnosed with a condition that makes surgery necessary, your vet will begin the procedure with a complete physical examination, along with an analysis of your pet’s blood and urine in our diagnostic lab. This is done to discover any underlying conditions that might cause complications during surgery, and also to work up an anesthesia protocol specifically for your pet.

During the operation, your pet will receive anesthesia and have a catheter inserted, and they’ll also have an IV attached to provide the fluids necessary to maintain their blood pressure. Your pet’s vital signs will be constantly monitored by a technician during the procedure, watching closely for any problems or irregularities.

Our new surgical department can provide surgical consultations, a variety of surgical procedures, and experienced postoperative management.

Pet Surgery Services We Provide

Long Beach, CA Pet Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

Variety of thoracic and abdominal procedures, extensive wound management, oncologic surgeries, and more

Orthopedic Surgery

Surgeries to address cruciate ruptures (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, lateral suture), patella luxations and a variety of fractures. We currently do not offer any joint replacement surgeries or minimally invasive procedures.

Neurologic Surgery

Hemilaminectomies and dorsal laminectomies for thoracolumbar disc herniations. We have a mobile CT service we use for diagnosis.

On-call 24/7

Our skilled staff works with our emergency/critical care department and your primary veterinarian to provide the best comprehensive care to your pet. Our surgical team is available by appointment and for on-call emergencies.

Post Pet Surgery

After the procedure, your pet will spend a couple of hours under observation in a recovery room and then they can go home, usually on the same day, but in some cases, your doctor may decide they should stay overnight. You should plan for your pet to spend the whole day at the hospital.

You should schedule any recommended follow-up visits if necessary, and your veterinarian will advise you on how to care for your pet at home. Although they might have some case-specific instructions, in general, you’ll need to keep them indoors and resting for a week or so, and your pet may have to wear a collar to keep them from scratching and biting at their sutures.

The surgical team and staff at Long Beach Animal Emergency are on call 24/7 and are also available by appointment. For emergencies, call us at 562-354-8351 anytime.

Pet Surgery Long Beach, CA

Our Surgical Team

  • Cheslymar Garcia DVM, MS, Surgeon
  • Randall Aoki Surgical Veterinary Technician
  • Marissa Fernandez Surgical Veterinary Technician

Availability: Tuesdays – Fridays by appointment only