“My dog was attacked on Christmas 2017. We brought her in at 6pm and we were discharged roughly 1.5 hours later. I cannot stress how amazing the emergency team here is. When everything else was closed, Long Beach Animal Emergency was ready to take care of my dog. Dr. David Beeh, tech [], and receptionist [] are an absolute all star team. It was extraordinarily busy there (with dogs getting into holiday chocolate, etc.) and they managed to dress my dogs wounds, prescribe antibiotics and pain medication, process paperwork, and comfort me one-on-one all during holiday hours. There is no better team to trust with your pets emergency.”

– Audrey P, Yelp

“I found this vet to be very quick,to respond with care for my pup, professional and kind. Kind being the key word as I was so very upset. My little girl was fine when I left with every promise to be able to return 24/7 if necessary. All went great and I would most definitely recommend both the vet here and there great staff. ”  

– Deborah S, Google

“Thank you Dr. Kerr!  Our Chihuahua not only fully recovered from surgery, she has never been more active and more alive.  Your Torrance facility for he recovery was also top notch.  Everyone there does their best to comfort you during very scary moments.  Thanks to all for your great work and your love of animals!”  

– Harvey W, Yelp

“Dr. Beeh and staff, months ago, around Mother’s Day I brought my cat Chili in and she was diagnosed with life threatening ketoacidosis.. She had been in remission from diabetes and I/we had no idea her diabetes came back until she collapsed. It was very late at night and I rushed my Chili to Long Beach Animal Emergency where she was immediately seen and very well taken care of. Because of your quick response and great care Chili survived and she has no side effects. You were even very kind to me with all of my tears……..Even though it has been awhile since that very scary night I just wanted to say thank you for saving my girl’s life! ”  

– Leslie G

“Understanding, honest, and caring are the attributes I have been all I’ve ever been shown at Long Beach Animal Emergency for same dog and 2 separate events. They helped her through both and back home. Thank you for what you do.”  

– Brian B, Google

“My puppy was vomiting with diarrhea. I called first:  the receptionist was very helpful and sympathetic. I brought Stanley in / they saw me right away. The vet and vet assistant Joni were very helpful and thorough. They didn’t try to squeeze money out of me but gave me clear test options, while telling me it seems to be a case of “garbage gut” and likely no extensive tests were needed. Stanley received antibiotics and fluids and already seems happier.  Thanks guys”  

– Billie J, Yelp

“I’ve been there twice and both times, from the ladies at the front desk, assistants and vets, nice professionals, loving and compassionate. Thanks for helping my kitty”  

– Regina P

“As most pet owners know, it’s inevitable that your baby will get sick or injured at some point.  And as luck would have it, this will occur after normal vet hours or on a holiday!  If it’s not a life or death situation, you think to yourself “hmmmm, I wonder if he’ll be ok til my vet opens?” And you also get heart palpitations thinking about the expense of emergency animal care. 

Well, our 7 month old American/English bully got a severe ear infection and we opted to take him in to this clinic instead of waiting until morning.  He was miserable and had scratched his ear until his paw was bloody.

The receptionist, vet techs and veterinarian were very attentive, professional and kind. Our baby received top notch care.  The facility is clean, well organized and easy to find. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but no where near what I imagined.  Fair and reasonable. Hopefully we won’t have any further need to come here, but if we do, I have peace of mind knowing this facility is near by.”  

– Cherie H, Yelp

“I have 3 Labs and I’ve been here 3 times. This place is wonderful. The staff is very understanding and professional and the docs are first rate! So glad they are in our neighborhood.”  

– Adriana L

“From the friendly staff to the concerned Doctor, I couldn’t be more happy with the service I received from this Vet.  The staff genuinely seemed to care, and we did not have to wait long to be seen.  keep up the great work!”  

– Anna L, Yelp

“Very clean & inviting place. Saw us quickly. Doctor was wonderful with us & our cat. Highly recommended! Keep up the good work.”  

– Vikki W

“It is difficult to describe the gratitude I feel for this emergency vet practice. When I learned about this business, I filed the information in my memory bank, but hoped I would never have to use it.  Well, just over a month ago, I did need that information and this vet.. And I am so grateful for the kindness and expertise care my dog and I received. These are truly wonderful people. They work weekends and late nights just to make sure that your pet gets the care that they need. Huge kudos to this team and thank you for lovingly taking care of my Toby.”  

– Lipsum, Yelp

“Fast polite kept me updated it had aaa movie on to help keep your mind off things and for time to go by. Cost was not bad”  

– Tracy N